Who, What, and Why it all matters


We are always thinking. We are always doing. We are always learning. We are always moving (and shaking too). And because you might care why, this is a brief look into what makes Culture Pilot fly.

What is Culture Pilot?

Culture Pilot Branding System

Branding for a new digital era

Culture Pilot is an agency born out of a need for change, innovation, leadership and the acceleration of design and marketing culture. We are designing, building and connecting brands through a full spectrum of services, and a diverse range of human-centered design methods that continue to scale within our practice. We are the intersection of strategy, design and data-based decision making.

Create the world you want to live in

Why do we do it? We believe that we can create a better, more impactful world together, and a more aesthetically pleasing one at that, through human-centered design and marketing methods that influence positive social and economic impact.

Culture Pilot Branding System Culture Pilot Branding System Culture Pilot Branding System Culture Pilot Branding System

Branding Startups In and Out

Through our experience with startups, entrepreneurs, accelerators, venture capital firms and the cultures that are fostered within, we're actively learning, educating and building brands both inside and out. Below are just a few of those we're involved with.

Working with Facilitators

mercury fund

Mercury Fund is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm. We work with Mercury Fund on brand development and data research.

surge ventures

SURGE Ventures invests in entrepreneurs solving the world's energy problems. We work with SURGE on brand development and event coordination.


TMCx is an accelerator in the world's largest medical center. We work on brand development with internal teams and event coordination.

hatch pitch

HATCH pitch is a pitch competition for tech startups making life better. We work with HATCH pitch on marketing strategy and event coordination.

Facilitation at Work


Chakra24 is a quality, performance apparel company, uniquely designed, and in support of a global cause. We are an active partner in the branding, marketing and product development.


TEDxHouston consists of self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Javier Fadul is the licensee for TEDxHouston, and Culture Pilot is honored by the opportunity to help curate, organize and brand the events alongside a collaboration of talented peers.


VISUALIZED is a conference that brings together industry leaders from across the globe to discuss the evolution of communication at the intersection of data, storytelling and design. Culture Pilot is honored to co-curate and brand VISUALIZED alongside founder, Eric Klotz.

hand lettering houston

Hand Lettering Houston or #HandLetterHou is a monthly artist meetup founded in 2013 by Tim DeSilva and Katy Holton. We host casual, monthly exhibitions and quarterly workshops aimed at educating and pushing the limits of how "lettering" is perceived and presented.

Experience Points

Our versatility scales across all industries

With over a decade of experience helping launch brands across a wide range of industries, we have the guidance to help your team foster new ideas and execute with agile processes. If you're an entrepreneur or an organization with an eye on improving lives, we want to hear from you.

Work with us
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Our clients derive from our values


An eye on the future. We love makers and pioneers who are creating a better future through innovative methods, products and ideas.



A mind for shared growth. We love humanitarians and mentors who provide knowledge to help improve and educate the next generations.



A focus on a better world. We love the doers who create positive, cultural and economic impact in our local and global communities.

We are a Culture Pilot Network
Culture Pilot
For Collaboration, Advisory & Scale

Since inception in 2003, we have advocated for collaboration. We bridge gaps through our collaborative network because we realize that collaboration breeds innovation.

Ideas and inventions cannot be fully realized by a single individual. However, when the diversity of individual strengths are pulled together in a team environment, this is where the magic happens. Working with Culture Pilot inherently equates to ideas and teams that can scale.

We're always looking for new opportunities to collaborate. Have a project in mind? Let us know »

We're ready for you.